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Health Ministry

With the health costs increasing every year and thousand of people unable to afford health care, we as a community must help individuals maintain their health . Churches and hospitals all over the country are joining force to tend to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of thier congregations. The Health Ministry at St. Didacus was formed to empower and educate its parishioners regarding health issues. Our Faith based program helps the community by educating them regarding cardiovascular disease, stroke factors, and diabetes. We encourge the parishioners to change un healthy lifestyles and develop goals that promote wellness. The Healthy Ministry is a way to foster wellness and healing of the body, mind, and Spirit. This information could be lifesaving for many parishioners.

Together with a handful of Volunteers we do blood Pressure screening every other month. We also do counseling, referrals to hospitals and clinics as necessary. All the services the Healthy Ministry provide are free. We also hold a Health Fair once a year.

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