Weddings at St. Didacus Church


For marriages, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles guide line required 6 months preparation. There will be beneficial for the engaged couple if they contact their Parish once they make the decision to be marriage. Once they have the appointment with the Priest, and the date of the wedding has been set, there are some documents to be prepared.

1.- A prenuptial information. (To be filling up with the priest)

2.- A recent Baptism Certificate copy for both, the  Bride and the Groom (6 months)

3.- Two witness from each side, to verified the freedom to be marriage. (Need to be someone that knows them for a long time, can be their parents or family/friends.)

4.- The marriage preparation class or engagement retreat (depending which one the priest recommended.)

5.- The Marriage License from The State of California, which is the permission from the State for a priest to perform the civil ceremony at the same time the church ceremony.  (The License expires in 90 days, it is recommended to apply for it like a month prior to the wedding.)

6.- If the couple have been marriage civil, they need to bring the original marriage certificate.

7.- In the event that one or both have been married before, they need to bring their original marriage certificate, their divorce paper from the court, two witness to verified that they have not been marriage by the church . Copies of these documents need to be send to the Archdiocese at least 2 months prior the wedding. (There will be $50 fee)

8.- Have the FOCUS program done. (The priest let you know where to get it)

9.- Contact the wedding coordinator to arrange the rehearsal night and other information that she will give you about the ceremony, like church donations, music, flowers etc. (it is recommended to contact her as soon you have your date set up in the Church)



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